Bridal Sizing


Attention first time shoppers! To help make this process a joy, there are a few things you should know before heading to the bridal salon.

First, prepare yourself for the difference in bridal sizing. Bridal sizing incorporate three corresponding measurements; bust, waist and hip. Expect your recommended dress size to reflect the largest of these three measurements. Sizing charts differ between designers, so pay attention. Knowledgeable bridal consultants will be able to counsel you on the perfect size.

Second, dresses are made for an “average” height. If you fall above or below the designers average height, expect to measure your hollow (between your shoulder blades) to hem. This measurement helps to eliminate excessive waste or unintentional ankle length hems. While discussing this measurement with your bridal consultant consider the design on your gown as well as the intercity of the hem. You do not want to alter or lose any aspects of your dress with excessive tailoring.

Lastly, very few bridal salons have space to carry a full size run of sample gowns. Most in fact, carry size 10. This is frustrating for brides on both sides of the spectrum. When making your appointment ask how many samples they have in your size. If there are only a few do not shop there first.